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CNH Gypsies & Last West Gypsies

Riley & Stephanie Hickey

Sharing a passion for horses, farm life and a love for God, the Hickey's consider themselves blessed.
With Gramme Frieda and their 3 little girls helping out, they manage their own herd of Gypsies, as well as the Alberta herd for North Fork Gypsy Cobs.
Stephanie's business, Cornerstone Natural Horsemanship, consists of teaching horsemanship clinics and training horses.
The Gypsies were a great fit for her horse-human development program!
Frieda has always enjoyed horses; having raised and trained Arabians years ago, she is rekindling her passion for horses.
She was looking for something with the temperment and size that she could feel comfortable with, and immediately found the Gypsy Vanner breed was the answer.
She now operates as 'Last West Gypsies' which consists of 3 mares, a young stallion and babies both on the ground and expected in the spring.